The Merits of Fasting

This article examines four popular Intermittent Fasting protocols.

1) Feast / Fast – Very simple, one day a week is a cheat day where you intentionally overeat whatever you want, then you don’t eat anything for one full day.

2) 24 hour fast, AKA Eat-Stop-Eat – Dieters usually take a whole day off from eating, usually 2-3 times per week.

These first two may seem very similar, but in Feast / Fast, your fast day lasts from you final meal on Sunday, all the way through to your first meal Tuesday morning, meaning most likely a 36 hour fast. The 24 hour Fast would be something like dinner Monday to dinner Tuesday, aka 24 hours.

3) The Warrior Diet, AKA The 20 hour fast – Patterened after ancient warriors who would not eat at all during the day, then have a massive dinner. The Warrior Diet is a 20 hour fast, followed by a 4 hour feeding window.

4) 16/8 Fasting, AKA Lean Gains – Just like above, except the fast is 16 hours, followed by an 8 hour window. I’ve personally used this one for a long time and found it very easy to follow. However, I didn’t experience tremendous body composition gains as is usually touted by cult followers of Lean Gains. That being said, many of my clients have had a lot of success using this pattern of eating, primarily as it concerns weight loss.

Fasting is a very simple concept. As written in the article, “For example, if you generally eat 2,000 calories every day, that’s 14,000 calories over the course of a week. If you remove two of those days, you’re eating 4,000 calories less. Without any other changes to your lifestyle, you’d be on pace for over a pound of fat per week. Even if you “compensate” and eat a little more on the days you’re not fasting, you are still going to wind up with a fairly substantial caloric deficit. Add in some exercise, and it’s not hard to see consistent weight loss.”

Besides the caloric benefit, the positives of fasting are quite immense.
1) Hormonally, you don’t elevate insulin chronically by eating, which can help reduce bodyfat.
2) Again hormonally, while fasting Growth Hormone is secreted. That’s a fat ass kicker. We want more of that.
3) If you’re not eating, there’s far more hours in the day to do things like click through Amazon on this site to buy yourself motivational presents.

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Armi Legge Interview

Recently I had a chance to talk somethings over from a man I truly admire. His name is Armi Legge and he is the brains behind, a site that I very much recommend and have linked articles to here. In fact, you can read one below about Gluten. Armi and I discussed many things, from intermittent fasting to becoming bulletproof, and we closed with a lighting round of Approved or Impruve. Armistead Legge on 2013-05-31 at 06.18

I just got a burnout set left, bro… And other bro trends

We’ve all seen the lists of things that people shouldn’t do in the gym for whatever reason. We all know not to drop the weights, not to grunt, no zubazz pants, and not to talk on your cell phone. If you’re still doing any of those things, you may want to consider why you’re in the gym at all. Those are standard gym etiquette that most people follow.

Toe bags or D-bags?

Toe bags or D-bags?

As these relics fade away with the CD player and lifting gloves, new ridiculous trends and irriating gym behaviors have taken their place. These MUST be aknowledged and ended before every person on the planet is wearing TOE SHOES! What I offer below is the new TOP 10 RETARDED GYM BEHAVIORS~!

10) Toe Shoes – “Bro, I ain’t being held back by that cumbersome shoe.” – You’re a geek if you’ve bought into this hype. The rate of injury that occurs with these is second only to the jump shoe fad of the late 90′s. Also, you look like an idiot.
9) Wife Beaters (specifically, wearing a rag shirt over your wife beater) – “Bro, I gotta put my rag on over my bra shirt. How will people know I have ribs?” – Are you planning on cleaning up an oil spill later? I’d give you a pass if it was 1913.
8) Playing your music for all to hear out of your IPhone – “Bro, who doesn’t like JaRule?” – Me. Maybe I do, but if I do, I’ll kindly play it in my own headphones.
7) Lifting in groups of threes – “You two Bros ready to go lift? We got 25 sets of bench to do while we text.” – You get one training partner, and if he sucks, get a different one, not two.
6) Telling eveyone you’re into crossfit – “You don’t do crossfit Bro? How do you confuse your muscles?” – You’re confusing me with your “WOD.” What exactly is this accomplishing?
5) Leaving your crossfit mess everywhere – “Bro, I gotta have my kettlebell in front of the mirror so I can do hand stand pushups and cartwheels right after.” – As the great Kenny Powers once said, “I ain’t trying to be the best at exercise.”
4) Using chalk in your commercial gym – “Bro, I’m setting a PR on deads.” – Awesome, get a stronger grip. Don’t you get plenty of grip strength from jerking each other off at crossfit class?

What a mess.  Thanks.

What a mess. Thanks.

3) Drinking your supplements during your workout. “Bro, I take NO sPlode, and I need you to know it.” – We’ll know it from the stench of your farts, thanks.
2) Using a Squat Rack for anything but SQUATS~! – “This bar is set up at perfect curl height, Bro.” – They also have preset bars for curls too. More convenient, and out of our way.
1) Working out your JAW~! – “Bro, did you see TMZ?” – Shut up and train~!

So there you have it. The new trends in fitness also lead to new trends in douchebaggery. Be APPROVED~! The classic lifts work. So does classic etiquette. In the gym, be nice and courteous, but don’t be afraid to call people out on their disapproving choices.

The Viggity